1pcs bright brand molybdenum wire cutting wire, Shandong 0.182000 meters

1pcs Bright Brand Molybdenum Wire Cutting Molybdenum Wire Shandong Bright Molybdenum Wire 0 182000 Meters
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Product Description

Shandong SPD-EDM brand molybdenum wire 0.18mm, each set foot 2000 meters.
Name: molybdenum wire WEDM molybdenum wire Specification: 0.18mm* diameter, fixed length 2000 meters:
1, high strength molybdenum wire: high tensile strength, good wear resistance, long service life;
2, cold drawn molybdenum wire by cold production technology, high strength, smooth surface and good quality;
& have spent & have spent 3, scale molybdenum wire, besides has the characteristics of high strength and molybdenum wire, and fixed length, easy to use, the advantage of high efficiency; 4, high-precision wire cutting molybdenum wire (medium wire): due to the role of added elements, tensile strength higher, better wear resistance and better service life.
& have spent & have spent & have spent Molybdenum wire of commonly used specifications: 0.18 mm
compared with the products of molybdenum wire and ordinary wire cutting machine, with high tensile strength, abrasion resistance, long service life, material advantages, consistency and good improve the utilization rate of molybdenum is reduced, the consumption of resource and energy, high-tech products. The intrinsic quality of this product and the physical and chemical indicators have reached the leading domestic level, filling the gap of the domestic molybdenum wire products.

Baby Name: light molybdenum wire Origin: Shandong
& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent Specification: 0.18 mm

The mills are all packed in vacuum, and they will be carefully checked and packed before shipment

Because of the distance, on the road after the bumps occasionally a small part of the vacuum leak.

No quality problems.