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Now you are buying 8bottles/2 boxes chinese authenic cordyceps King Cordyceps organic cordyceps products league cordyceps sinensis

Product Name: King Cordyceps Oral Liquid
Brand: League
Cordyceps grows in Tibet ... is named "King Cordyceps." It is graded according to size, the superior the ... in the same league with premium Ginseng plus Deer Antler.
timo cordyceps king is a biotechnology better product with 10 times more active ingredients Timo cordyceps king is a powerful tonic which helps restore usual ...
The very best Cordyceps, the kind the emperor ought to want, is named "King Cordyceps." ... in the same league with premium Ginseng plus Deer Antler.
Full ratings, statistics plus LolKing score for Cordyceps, a summoner on the Europe Nordic & East region.
It is a tonic in liquid form, is made from precious fresh Cordyceps growing on Qinhai plateau of China, mushroom extract and Ganoderma Lucidum etc.
Its efficacies have been proved by authoritative institutions designated by Ministry of Health of China as below:
1. Improves auto-immune system.
2. Protects kidneys from toxins.
3. Protects kidneys from exhaustion.
4. Protects liver from toxins and treats and prevents cirrhosis of liver.
5. Protect the heart from the damaging effect of ouabain (C29H44O12.8H2O).
6. Anti-arrhythmia.
7. Anti-rejection effect in cornea transplant.
8. Antibiotic effect.
9. Inhibits contraction of smooth muscles.
10. Anti aging and Anti-fatigue
11. Anti-Cancer
Its special formulation is well contemplated to boost body\'s organic functions in coping with demanding working life.
Main Ingredients:
- Cordyceps,
- Ganoderma Lucidum,
- Mushroom,
- Honey.
It is a preparation of a wide-use applications.
NET: 120 ml (30 ml x 4)
More efficacious results are anticipated if take twice a day.
It is suitable for the morning 1 hour before breakfast and night 1 hour before sleepin with empty stomach.
Suggested intake volume is 3- 4 ml daily. Need to be taken after the shake .
Please refrigerate if unfinished.
Production Standard: Q/LG001-95
Approval number: the ministry govement food and health (1997) NO 280
Use best before: Please see the package
Production date. Please see the package
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