2018 New Arrival N1201SA upgrade verison 140MHz 2.7GHz UV RF ANT SWR Antenna Analyzer Meter Tester N2201SA Radio tester

2018 New Arrival N1201SA Upgrade Verison 140MHz 2 7GHz UV RF ANT SWR Antenna Analyzer Meter
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Item Specifics

Maximum Range<1.5km
Walkie Talkie TypePortable

Product Description

2018 New Arrivl upgrade verison N1201SA 140MHz-2.7GHz UV RF ANT SWR Antenna Analyzer Meter Tester N2201 Radio tester

N1201SA GSM Antenna analyzer Specifications
Frequency 140MHz~2700MHz
Spacing 1kHz
Display 2.4inch TFT Pixel 320×240(QVGA)
Battery 2000mAH(7.4Wh)
Power dissipation <1.5W
Charging current 400mA
Charging port USB(For charging only)
Auto Power Off Adjustable(Always on,5mins~60min)
Measure facts resistance/reactance/SWR/s11
Resolution ratio 4bits effective digits
Frequency accuracy ±5ppm
Connector SMA-K
Measuring range impedance 0.1Ω~1000Ω(Absolute value of impedance)
SWR 1.000~65
s11(dB) 0dB~-60dB
Error (single point measurement) impedance <Absolute value of impedance×3%±0.1Ω(Z<200Ω,<1.5GHz)
SWR <Effective reading×10%±0.1
s11 (dB/°) 0.1 dB /5° (0dB~-10dB)
1 dB /10° (-10dB~-20dB)
5dB/20° (-20dB~-40dB)
directivity <35dB(140MHz~2GHz After calibration)
Scan Points 280
output level -11dBm
Working temperature 0~40
Atmospheric pressure 860hPa~1060hPa
Dimension 120mm*86mm*30mm


This instrument has four interfaces: single point measurement, scanning, system information, correction and calibration

The default boot into single-point measurement interface.

Note: For the convenience of the user, each time calibration correction options will automatically change to the user calibration. Meanwhile, in order to ensure the integrity of the calibration, the calibration process, the automatic shutdown function fails, the consistent boot.

Startup and shutdown

Hold down the CTRL key off press the power switch button.

The boot state, long press (2S above) the switch button, after the release, the instrument will shut down

The boot state, long press (2S above) the switch button, after the release, the instrument will shut down

Recommend the use

1, in order to ensure the accuracy of measurement and calibration, preheat the instrument at least 15 minutes.

2, try to use good quality RF cable and connectors.

3, calibrated cable marked to the next may not need to calibrate and direct use.

4, test cable process affect the measurement accuracy, it is recommended that, where possible, do not choose too long test cable.

5, measurement and calibration before, make sure you are not in a strong wireless signal, so as to avoid interference caused by inaccurate measurements.

6, if the impedance measurements themselves do not understand, you can refer to a vector network analyzer instructions and tutorials. This instrument is equivalent to a single-port vector network analysis.