[BELLA] [Original authentic] Arcotronics C20AQGR5680ZASK 68UF fan motor start capacitors

BELLA Original Authentic Arcotronics C20AQGR5680ZASK 68UF Fan Motor Start Capacitors
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Item Specifics

Package TypeThrough Hole
ApplicationGeneral Purpose
StructureTrimmer Capacitor
TypeFilm Capacitor

Product Description

Product Introduction
Italy Arcotronics mainly produces all kinds of film capacitors, the market for short Arco capacitors, including polyester, polypropylene, and surface mount device (SMD) type capacitor. Italy Arcotronics polyester film capacitors can be adapted to a variety of operating temperature, and has a high dielectric constant, excellent self-healing properties and a very reasonable package size and capacitance ratio. Italy Arcotronics polypropylene film capacitor having a very low loss factor and dielectric absorption, high insulation resistance, good self-healing properties, and relatively high stability. Italy Arcotronicsz company provides film capacitors and electrolytic capacitors for automotive, industrial, telecommunications and entertainment various markets.
Product Details
ItalyArcotronicsMetallic polypropylene film capacitors can be used in single-phaseMotorIn the activation, and increasedMotorWorking torque runtime. It has a very low dielectric loss factor, the internal temperature rise, the negative temperature coefficient of capacitance, excellent flame retardant properties.InMotorApplication has the following3Series capacitors:C27,C87AndC24Must be considered when selecting a capacitor connected to the expected lifetime and mechanical properties,C27AndC87Have similar electrical characteristics.C27Explosion levels forP0(No proof),C87Explosion levels forP2.C24Smallest machinery for small spaces space. C27Capacitors haveC27 / 4Series,C27 / 6Series andC27 / 7Series three.

1.27.4AC1 MKP ---- C27 / 4Series of metal polypropylene film capacitors
Arcotronics ------Company name (meaning available)
VDE----------German standard mark
420V ~ 30000h / CLASS A ------ 420V~ 30000Hour
470V ~ 10000h / CLASS A ------ 470V10000Hour
25/ 85/ Twenty one --------Working temperature-25/ + 85/21
P0 ----------Explosion levels0No explosion
EN60252 -------European standards60252
CE ---------European standard mark

And the voltage of the capacitor life indicator diagram
Film CapacitorC27 / 4General technical data
Parameters of the standard
IEC 252:1993 EN60252:1994 CEI EN60252:1994
VDEExperiments and standard college
Approximation to500VACStandard Tags:250VAC
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Job classification
Least/Maximum operating temperature
-25/85or-25/ 100
Storage temperature
-40/ 90
Rated voltageVr (ac)
Rated frequency (HZ)
Voltage rise/Fall time (maximum)
20V / us
The maximum allowable voltage
1.1× rated voltage
The maximum allowable current
1.3× rated current
Loss factor
20×10(In20,50HZUnder the conditions)
Security Level
P0(Proof grade0)
The maximum height