Baby Boom Effects Biyang RV 10 3 Mode Tri Reverb Stereo True Bypass Electric Guitar Pedal Musical Instrument

Biyang Baby Boom Effects RV 10 3 Mode Tri Reverb Reverb Stereo True Bypass Electric Guitar
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Product Description

These guys have been generating an industry buzz worldwide with their full line of sound reinforcement equipment all the way from full blown stage gear to awesome tube amps, wireless guitar systems and down to this new compact effect series.Versatile, effective, well built and very affordable. (and they look great too!) A very nice Reverb which colors the sound nicely, has many tweaking options and can certainly compete with more well known (and much more expensive) vintage rivals.

Biyang is back with a great new lineup called the "BABY BOOMS".

Brand new in this series is the RV-10 REVERB..... a truly great sounding addition to any lineup!

Getting some great player reviews......

The Tri-Reverb offers some very realistic Verb settings and is absolutely at home through the amp effects loop, or in front and in line with other effects. I think this unit can stand up with many other much more well known (and much more expensive) Reverb pedals on the market today.

Compact and absolutely essential.

Smaller casings than their Tonefancier line and pack a powerful punch.

This new Baby Boom series are great for pedal boards as they are both space saving and powerful.

Measuring 2 1/4" across and 4 1/2 " tall, these will fit nicely on any pedal board offering more tone with less space.

These baby`s will wail....

Gift 1 piece guitar effect pedal connector.

Six-Model Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal (RV-10)

Biyang "Babyboom`s" is a totally brand new effect pedal series with a smaller size cast aluminium enclosure.

All high quality parts go inside such as HI-FI audoi components like German-made WIMA capacitors, True-Bypass switches, quality sealed Taiwan potentiometer ,high-accuracy resistance,double-sided PCBs, mirror-like surface treatments and stable S-006/6F22 9V power suppliers etc. Every single one undergoes a strict quality control ensuring the supreme quality performance.

With a smart design adding a A/B toggle switch, BIYANG Babyboom RV-10 can create six reverb seperate models based upon three classic modes (Hall,Spring and Room).

This reverb pedal has tons of character and realism, with smooth tapering tails. The Tri Reverb is extremely low noise, as low as any serious expensive outboard reverb unit.

Add some serious space in your sound.... and on your pedalboard !


All metal Steel enclosure. (no plastic here!) Space saving design for pedalboards... compact and powerful.

Analogue circuit designs for realistic Reverb.

Blend and Time Knob control.

Toggle switch for 3 modes ( Hall, Spring, and Room)

A/B Toggle switch for capturing 6 seperate reverb models.

Stereo out option.

9v mains adapter socket.

True Bypass construction and stomp switch.

Uses high quality parts such as German WIMA audio capacitance, high precision resistance etc...for clear signal transaction.

Entirely dust-proof rheostat, for long using life.

Size: 2 1/4" W x 4 1/2" H x 1 1/2" D

True Bypass means that the input jack is connected directly to the output when the pedal is switched off. The sound coming in is totally unaffected by any filter or circuitry.

Technical Description:


Input×1,Output×1,DC9V in×1

Power supply:

S-006/6F22 9Volt battery or DC9V adaptor



Input Impedance:



2 1/4" W x 4 1/2" H x 1 1/2" D

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