F21 E1B Industrial Crane Remote Control Wireless Universal Radio AC/DC 2 Transmitter 1 Receiver

COB 63YK Industrial Crane Remote Control
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Item TypeSwitches
Switch TypeRemote Control

Product Description

Product description about wireless hoist crane remote control F21-E1B

Industrial radio control device is a system that use radio transmission to realize remote-controlled operation or remote control of industrial machinery ,F21-6S(E1b) industrial remote control is widely used in machinery filed such as lifting machinery , construction machinery , cargo loading/unloading machines , iron-smelting and steel -making , automobile machinery , paper-making and chemical industry , shipbuilding , railroad , bridge , tunnel construction etc.

model no. F21-6S(E1b)
number of buttons 6 single speed buttons+start/alarm button+stop+security key
transmitter size 16.4*7.5*4.6cm
receiver size 18.7*8.6*7.9cm
protection degreen IP65
housing material glass fiber-reinforced nylon
-35°C ~ +85°C(not take into battery into consideration)
security code 43 billion
control distance up to 100m (some of the products can reach to 200m)
frequency range



transmit power <10dbm
receive sensitivity >-110dbm
transmitter power DC3V( need 2 pieces 1.5V battery , AA size)
receiver power AC/DC18-65V , AC/DC65-440V
voltage warning

TX Red LED will flash slowly when the volts under 2.2V,unable to start TX under 1.8V.

fault detection

TX Red LED is flashing quickly:

1.Not in the correct way to start;

2.One of the pushbutton is jammed.

TX RED LED will flash slowly:

1.Please change two new batteries.

security measures

if the receiver haven\'t receive the singal , transmitter

will retransmit same singal in 1.5s , if receiver still

haven receive it ,receiver power will turn off in 2s to

avoid unexpect things