Adult New Olaf Mascot Costume Snowman Clothing Christmas Party Suit

High Quality Adult Size Olaf Mascot Costume From Snowman Olaf Mascot Costume Cartoon Costume Adult Size
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Product Description

158cm-168cm (5.2 feet - 5.5 feet) S

168cm-180cm (5.5 feet - 5.9 feet) M

180cm-192cm (6 feet - 6.3 feet) L

192cm-200cm (6.3 feet - 6.6 feet) XL

200cm-210cm (6.6 feet - 6.9 feet) XXL

Product Description]
people can wear to walk into the free puppet show, form realistic lovely. With good ventilation, clear line of sight, easy to clean features. Companies can be added, such as identification LOGO image on clothing.
The latest form cartoon dolls cartoon costumes, people can wear to go walking, performing dolls, lifelike form cute.
Outer carton size Product packaging a product packing 55 * 55 * 55 cm, two cardboard boxes of cartons of 93 * 55 * 55 cm, according to the actual factory packaging products prevail.
[Delivery] box is 55 * 55 * 55 cm box, large box. Courier expensive, it made express Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and outside the train consignments are generally made since the delivery of the way, to send other mode of transport, and to make up the postage difference, specific postage difference please contact customer service to change the price paid.
[Performance and Features] permeability, can be built-in fan or a cooling vest, achieve cooling effect, easy to do activities performances.
Usage activity performances, advertising, corporate LOGO display.
Common Problems - How to clean dirty? ]
Not water inside the domestic version of the first Sin, generally on the outside of the head with a small brush dipped a little water and wash clean dry after local cleansing, clothes, shoes, gloves, ordinary clothes similar to dry washing. Remember to wash after use, pay attention to moisture rain. Overseas edition within the first external water directly Sin.
We use express, logistics, professional transport enterprises directly under the Ministry of Railways - "Railway Express." Usually 2-4 days can be served. Railway Express have delivery from mentioning or two, or customer specified select the appropriate shipping method based on customer city (mentioned transportation costs borne by the seller) CRE website: http: // unified national customer service hotline : 95105366
Yuantong Express website:
[Cartoon Doll clothing scope]
1, various commercial exhibitions, fairs, trade fairs
2, promote various businesses, shopping malls, and promotional activities
3 entertainment publicity, the entertainment, children\'s park
4, various large-scale gatherings, birthday parties, opening ceremonies, games, carnival, wedding
5. government departments public service campaigns
6, various tourist attractions, kindergartens, hotels, etc. welcome. Welcome friends to inquire order!
NOTE: customized product process structure and selection of materials to be agreed with the client shall prevail
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