Maglev DIY learning machine core magnetic levitation module bearing 500g, commercial accessories

Maglev DIY Learning Machine Core Magnetic Levitation Module Bearing 500g Commercial Accessories
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Brand NameTailKuKe
DIY SuppliesElectrical

Product Description


New upgrade with LED lights, floating will spin!

This kit comes with power, with buoy.

Length and width: 100*100*23mm

Power adapter: 12v2A (0.2A working current)

Load-bearing: 500g (can be increased to about 530g)

Board weight: around 460g

Suspension height: About 1.8-2.5 centimeters

Continuous working time: more than 48 hours

The maximum diameter of the floating magnet is 5 centimeters.

There are 4 mounting holes with a diameter of 3mm and a thread.

Hint: buy the machine, do not only compare with the price, look at the weight of the load ~ 2 times that of the other people. This shop price Wumart, welcome to wholesale, retail!

operation steps

1. The machine core system is energized.

2.Hold the float in both hands.

3.Put the float in the middle of the machine.
4. The LED lights in four directions are all on.
Release the float and float.


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