Personalized Custom brass cake/wooden Stamp (110/220V)Electric iron hot stamping Machine, branding machine/Heat Embosser

Personalized Custom Brass Cake Wooden Stamp 300W 110 220V Electric Iron Hot Stamping Machine Branding Machine
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Item Specifics

UsePersonalized Motto
TypeStandard Stamp

Product Description

The brass stamp is customized!

Package: 1 pcs heat embosser +Customize Stamp

Note:when you order it ,please send your picture(AI / CDR/PDF files are preferable)to me and tell me the size of stamp,or I can not do it.

The default size means not bigger than it,for example you choose: 3.5cm and 220V 100W

,it means you can do the stamp no bigger than 3.5x3.5cm

The stick M5 is default.if you need M4,M6,M8,please leave message about it

Notice:when you use the heat embosser first time,there will be smoking like it is on fire or something, but later it will stop and can be used normally.All heating irons ,except 110/220V 250W and high quality heating, are broken easily while it is keeping heating for long time.

if you use it just for fun,you can choose any one you like, but if you use it to work, please choose the high quality heating iron!


(1) 4x2.5cm stamp and 110V/220V 60W heating machine: stamp on PU,leather and plastic

stamp can be no more than 4x2.5cm

the heating machine temperature can be adjustment

(2).3.5cm and 110V 1 50W / 220V 100W: stamp on wooden,bamboo,paper,PU,leather and cake,the stamp size no bigger than 3.5x3.5cm

(3)7cm and 220V 300W/ 220V 110V 250W:stamp on wooden,bamboo,paper, and cake,stamp size no bigger than 7x7cm.

(4) high quality heating iron: temperatur e adjustment,stamp on wooden,bamboo,paper,PU,leather , cake etc.

More about the iron: