Pro Male Enlargement System Enlarger Stretcher Enhancement peni masters pro extender phallosan pump

Pro Male Enlargement System Enlarger Stretcher Enhancement System Peni Masters Pro Extender Phallosan Peni Pump
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Item Specifics

Item TypeMassage & Relaxation
Brand Namebichi
SizeMulti Size SML

Product Description

Our products, internal large, small openings. Can
accommodate 12-14.8 thick penis.
A New Penis Enlargement Device.
The product is the maximum tensile 11.33KG.
Penis enlargement products available in the market, there are many, but few
can really increase penis is an extension to expand the growth of fixed,
tension-free tool to buy useless principles.

As a business, we want to choose a high quality, the penis will not harm the

product, comfortable, convenient, high tension products. Sold to our

customers. Accumulated a good reputation. We can not go cheap wholesale

useless products introduced to

Wholesale please contact us.

Once again stressed that our products are very small,
but it can accommodate 12-14.8CM penis head, our
customers more than 10000 people, do not casually
say that he is small unless your penis head more than
15CM or 5CM diameter.
The penis head does not exceed 4.5CM diameter or
14.5CM penis head of the customer, please operate a
few times, do not think their penis great, casually give
us bad feedback.
The product is equipped with: film three, a senior retractable bracket, exhaust hose one, suction a
The maximum length of the stent can be extended to 30CM.
We are using the latest, semi-circular base, compared to the traditional stent, semi-circular stent will not catch the testicles, testicles can be placed free.
Traditional brackets need to increase or decrease the metal rods to extend the length or reduce the length, need to carry more than a dozen different metal rods, easy to lose, and operate complicated. Our new stent does not need to carry any parts, only need to twist anti-skid device, you can more than ten centimeters long bracket, extended to 30 cm.