The Magnetic Core with Levitation System LED Lamp Module Bare High tech Ornaments Stand, 0 500g, Self, Roating Maglev

The Magnetic Core With Magnetic Levitation System LED Lamp Module Bare High Tech Ornaments Stand 0
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New upgrade with LED lights, floating will spin!

Note: some products on the market do not bring LED prompt function, our system 4 directions LED at the same time bright, loose the hand float can float up.

Good learning, practical, simple, clear

Length and width: 100*100*23mm

Power adapter: 12v2A (0.2A working current)

Load-bearing: 450g (can be increased to about 530g)

Board weight: around 460g

Suspension height: About 1.8-2.5 centimeters

The maximum diameter of the floating magnet is 5 centimeters.

There are 4 mounting holes with a diameter of 3mm and a thread.

Prompt:Buy the maglev system friends buy maglev in the selection of the time, work, quality, look at the bearing, where rough work, line out of order price certainly cheaper, the quality is not good security, the shop price Wumart, welcome to wholesale, retail!

Reminder: covering a certain hardness on the surface of the black magnet board, need to be suspended in the process of debugging board, plastic board, prevent suspended after the failure, smashed the suspension magnet circuit board.

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