VGA2USB External VGA video capture card USB acquisition Encrypted recording

VGA2USB External VGA Video Capture Card USB Video Capture Card VGA Acquisition Card Encrypted Video Recording
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Because countries use different current and voltage, please buy with caution (if not applicable, non refundable)
We will provide driver files
There is no problem with product quality assurance
The standard is 5V
Voltage change between 500MA4.8---5.2
Suitable for documentation, courseware, PPT class recording, and server debugging. Dynamic, such as film and television recording, there is a drag picture, determine the results meet your requirements, and then shoot. Linux and MAC some systems do not support, please consult before shooting.
The VGA2USB acquisition card is an entry-level VGA signal USB interface acquisition card. CYPRESS based on the company\'s USB2.0 transmission chip CY7C68013A, with stable performance and simple operation to win the majority of user acceptance. The VGA2USB acquisition card is mainly used in road engineering equipment image acquisition, recording encryption courseware, medical imaging instrument image acquisition and criminal investigation system, etc..
VGA2USB is an external VGA signal collection box, from the computer, embedded system, medical equipment, laboratory equipment and other scientific or VGA signal capture input, to return to the computer USB2.0 interface, with a variety of forms of image and video viewing and preservation. Suitable for document preparation, system monitoring and other high quality image and video capture. By providing the SDK, the user can develop arbitrary application of the acquisition of VGA images.
USB2.0 interface with external VGA signal acquisition card, compact size, easy to use, oxidation black aluminum alloy shell, exquisite workmanship. VGA signal can be collected in real time and displayed on the computer, while the screenshot can be easily saved as BMP, PNG, JPG file, or video recording for MJPEG/MPEG4/H264 compressed file format. Support Microsoft Media Encoder, you can video for WMV files, or network video broadcast. Compatible with Microsoft DirectShow third party applications.
Application software support equipment and signal lines hot plug, while supporting the dynamic adjustment of the signal according to the change. There are many advanced settings that can be fine tuned for horizontal / vertical offset, contrast / brightness, and sampling phase to achieve perfect results.
The reason of choosing VGA2USB acquisition card
VGA video output is widely used in various fields of equipment - science, medicine, education, engineering, etc.. Many users need to capture the output image and processing. The image is digitized and stored as an irreplaceable function for users of these devices. Users can choose different types of video capture solutions according to their own needs.
VGA Video Converter: the current low-end market VGA capture program, the VGA signal is converted to S Video signal, through the ordinary TV signal acquisition card to complete the acquisition. The drawback of this approach is obvious and reduces the resolution of the image.
VGA acquisition card: high quality image and video capture solutions. Usually divided into built-in and external two. Built in acquisition card is generally PCI or PCI Express interface card, need to be installed inside the computer chassis. External VGA card generally uses USB or Ethernet interface.
Which product is the most suitable? These products have their own advantages and disadvantages and scope of application. According to your demand for video capture, if you are on the image quality is not too high, then the VGA video converter can meet the demand, if you need a high quality image and video, then select the VGA acquisition card will make you feel worthwhile. VGA2USB compared to ordinary built-in acquisition card, more compact, portable and easy to use. Of course, due to the limitations of USB bandwidth, the video acquisition frame rate is lower than the built-in acquisition card.