Waist Relaxation Massager Back Belt Spinal Air Traction Physio Decompression Brace Pain Lower Lumbar

Waist Relaxation Massager Back Belt Spinal Air Traction Physio Decompression Back Brace Back Pain Lower Lumbar
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Item Specifics

Item TypeMassage & Relaxation
Brand NameELERA

Product Description

The back relief belt is a stretch and support belt that offers traction therapy in the comfort of your own home. Wrap the belt around your waist and wear it as an activity belt to provide support for your core while helping you maintain your posture. You can also inflate this belt using the high-efficiency hand pump, transforming it into a rigid lumbar support. This will allow the belt to expand vertically to support your upper body weight while stretching the lower back muscles and decompressing the pressure off your aching back. Get similar results of an inversion table without hanging upside down. This belt can help relieve back pain, hip pain, sciatica and pain caused by degenerated or herniated discs. Wear the belt for daily activities such as walking, standing, sitting, gardening, golfing and more.
Product Description:
1. The belt transfers the weight off your spine.
2. Decompressing the spine allowing for discs to return to normal.
3. Reducing pain and pressure on pinched nerves.
4. Improving nutrient flow on your spine.
5. Aids in strengthening your core and back muscles.
Outer layer: PU
Inner Layer:Cotton
Innerlayer of air inflation:TPU (Special soft material)
- Before Inflation Length of traction belt: 110 cm (43.3 inch)
- After Inflation Length of traction belt: 125 cm (49.2 inch)
- Before Inflation Width: 13cm (5.1 inch)
- After Inflation Width: 20cm (7.9 inch)
- Length of extension belt: 25.0cm (9.8 inch)
Steps for usage:
1. Put the belt on your waist, adjust the belt as your size in order to enhance the comfort zone
2. Tighten the air pump onto the gas nozzle of the belt
3. With a heavy pump will slowly inflate the waist until the waist feel comfortable. Such as the waist traction is too large, may be properly deflated
4. The use of time should not exceed 5 hours, finished, remove the belt
5. Deflate for the belt, release gas liner naturally, not forced extrusion exhaust, so as not to cause damage to the belt
1. This belt cannot be immersed into water to wash it.
2. This belt is also to avoid direct sunlight and heat, so airing it out that way is a "no!". The directions state to put it in a cool, dry place after using.
Package Including:
1 x traction Belt
1 x Hand Air Pump

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